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Mainlanders demand construction of barracks between Ikorodu and Epe

Concerned Mainlanders and other stakeholders in education in Lagos have called for the construction of military and police barracks between Ikorodu and Epe to check activities of kidnappers in the areas.

They made the call in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Tuesday, July 18, 2017 in Lagos.

The stakeholders said the call became necessary in view of the increasing rate of criminal activities in the areas.

A parent, Mrs Joan Peters, said that the bushes along the road to Epe from Ikorodu served as shield for kidnappers and their cohorts to carry out their ungodly activities on innocent people. She, however, expressed optimism that the presence of barracks between the two areas would force criminals to abandon the areas.

“I believe that criminal activities are on the rise here because the perpetrators have hiding places inside the thickets that they know will not make their arrest easy,’’ she said.

“These criminal minds have many ways to escape arrest through the bushes. They know that the security agents cannot pursue them to their hideouts, because the security agents don’t have knowledge of the terrain,’’ she added.

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Another parent, Mr Ayo Okinbanjo, told NAN that kidnapping flourished along the areas concerned because of the negligible presence of security personnel. “One can count the number of security agents on that route during day,” he said.

“It is only few checkpoints that one gets to see the police on a route that is equivalent a two-hour drive. Everywhere, you find bushes and very few open spaces that criminals find useful to perpetrate their crime.

“The environment even makes these criminals to develop more confidence to the extent that they write letters to schools and streets, intimating them of their intention to raid the place,” he added.

A concerned citizen, Mr John Edigwe, said sitting of security outfits in the area would also deny criminals a free reign in the communities concerned.

Edigwe noted that kidnappers found the bushes in the areas as a haven to perpetrate their crime because there was no counter force.

“The mere presence of barracks is enough to tell these criminals that the area is not conducive for their venture,” he said.



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