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Somolu residents lament spate of violence in the area

Residents and youths in Somolu area of Lagos yesterday, July 16 2017 cried out over the rising wave of violence in the area. They alleged that trend was not unconnected with the upcoming local government election.

According to Somolu Indigenous Youths spokesperson, Shina Abbey, residents in the area were uncomfortable with the current security situation. He appealed to political parties not to turn Somolu to a battle ground in the name of election.

He said: “It appears that the forthcoming election, which we hope will restore normalcy and development to Somolu is turning out to something else. This persistent violence is caused by members of the same party. We urge their leaders to settle things amicably among them.”

A resident of the area, who identified himself as Elder Kayode, said: “We have written to the party leaders to inform them of our displeasure and disapproval of their nominated candidates.”

Source: The NATION