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Iyana-Iba residents call on authorities to provide drainage to halt flooding

Residents in Iba Local Council Development Area (LCDA) of Lagos State have appealed to the State Government and the Local Council Development Area to provide proper drainage to end flooding in the area.

Commenting on the issue, Mr Morufu Akano, a resident of the community,  criticised the absence of a drainage system in the area. “Anytime it rains here, the whole place becomes inhabitable; some houses are submerged while the inner roads become impassable due to erosion.

“The only requirement here is a drainage system that can absorb and control the water, we are calling on the LCDA to do this as a matter of urgency before the problem degenerates to serious flooding,” he said.

Another resident, Mr Michael Ola, said, “The recent flooding on the island is an indication of what could likely happen here if urgent steps are not taken to control the situation Communities like ours fall within the purview of the local government and we are calling on the LCDA here to take urgent steps.

Contributing, Mrs Bola Alaka stressed the need for the council to take proactive measures to control heavy rain water in the area.

“If drainage system is not provided for the low income areas of the state, the flooding that will happen here will be far more devastating than what happened on the Island recently,” she warned.

However, a staff of the LCDA said that the council lacked adequate resources to execute the projects.

He advised residents to stop dumping of refuse indiscriminately so as not to block water channels. He said, “I do not think we have the financial capacity to execute some of these capital intensive projects”



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