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Ikorodu residents insist the lynched victims were Badoo gang members

In the aftermath of the outrage that trailed the mob action which led to the death of three persons allegedly belonging to the dreaded cult group otherwise known as Badoo in Odogunyan – Ikorodu, residents of the area have insisted the lynched victims were Badoo gang members.

According to the residents, the suspects could not identify themselves before they were taken down to the Palace of the community leader where the angry residents insisted on jungle justice.
According to one of the residents, Asaolu Adetunji Paul, the victims were found with items synonymous to the cult group, which provoked the mob action. “All of you supporting the deceased don’t know what really happened. I live and work very close to the venue where this happened. The area is very hot these days. People are no longer sleeping anymore.
“When they were stopped by the local vigilante, they asked them where they were coming from and they reply Delsam hotel which is located off Shagamu road at the back of Access Bank. They also asked them where they were going to and they said their car was having fault and they were going to move it. The vigilante now took them to Baale (community leader) for more interrogation.
“On getting to the palace, the man asked them to take them to the venue where their car broke down, but they could not which means they were lying. That was when they now suggested to check their truck and later found out that the guys were carrying oil, stones.
“The community leader even suggested that they should be kept till day break but the community people were angry just because Badoo have killed so many souls. They also asked them if they know anybody around Ikorodu that can identify them but the answer was no.”
Another resident disclosed that “I happen to live in Ikorodu – Odongunyan to be precise – and I must tell you people that if the victim was alive to tell his story he can’t even deny not being a member of the Badoo group. They found all the implements used by the group (a big grinding stone, a gallon of oil presumed to be the infectious chemical used to make their victims fall deeply asleep and a cutlass)”.
“If I may ask please, what where those stuffs doing inside the car of a comedian coming back from a show by 2:00 am? Please let’s be conscious of our environment cause whom you think is harmless may turn out to be the deadly one,” the resident added.
To Shitta Qazym “there is cutlass, voodoo, grinding stone, handkerchief, black oil in the SUV. I stay in that area and in fact the third guy even confessed and warned us against those vacancy posters.
“Around 7: 00 am, the fourth woman came out of the soak away where she hide. They interrogated her asking some vital questions. Before we say jack robinson, the young lady started vomiting  blood.
“In fact the SUV went to one area called Ojogbe in Ikorodu where they plan to operate but the stubborn dog didn’t help the situation. They used voodoo on the dog and the dog later died.
“Around 1:00 am in the early hours of Sunday morning, the SUV left to Odogunyan where they were caught.”



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