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Exclusive: Residents continue search for seven Badoo members in Ikorodu

In the aftermath of the mob action that led to the death of three suspected Badoo members in Odogunyan – Ikorodu, yesterday,  Sunday, July 2, 2017, residents of the area have launched a manhunt for seven other members of the dreaded gang who are on the run.
According to a resident who spoke to InsideMainland on condition of anonymity, one of the suspects confessed during their arrest about belonging to the ritualist gang.
“The guys didn’t know we were guarding the area ourselves. When they were arrested, one of them confessed that there are seven other members still in the area. The other two refused to say a word,” the source said.
“The confession and the refusal of the other gang members infuriated the residents who decided on jungle justice,” the source added.
Meanwhile, residents of the area have embarked on a search of the area for the other members belonging to the gang.
Commenting on this, the source disclosed that “one of the gang members told us the other seven were in another SUV prior to the arrest. The situation led to the others abandoning their members in the area where they came to commit the crime.”
In a bid to curb the actions of the dreaded cult group, residents around Ibeshe, Itamaga, Ota Ona, Owolowo, Olu Odo, Erunwen, Agunfoye and other communities in Ikorodu have been forced to hold vigils to eradicate the gang in the community.
Confirming this exclusively to InsideMainland, a resident who took part in the Erunwen exercise said “the process is in conjuction with the vigilante group, landlords and residents of the area. We concluded that we have to secure our homes if the serial killers refuse to stop the terror in Ikorodu.”
However, the resident disclosed the efforts by residents is frustrated by the usual blackout by power distribution networks.
“It is one thing for us to hold vigils to secure our area. It is another thing to have the needed power supply. The total blackout at night is not helping us in this regard,” the source said.
The source however appealed to the government and relevant agencies to combine forces to ensure nomalcy returns to the once peaceful Ikorodu community.
Recall that three suspects belonging to the Badoo gang were mobbed to death by angry residents in Odogunyan after they were apprehended in the area with items linking them to the gang.



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