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Here’s why this InsideMainland reader wants singer, Olamide to drop his ‘Baddo’ nickname

Almost a decade since multiple award winning singer cum label executive, Olamide Adedeji, popularly known as Olamide Baddo debuted in the Nigerian music scene, he is known to have blessed listeners and his growing fan base with consistent hits and records that has topped music charts for a long time.

Although Olamide’s nickname which gained prominence since the release of his debut vinyl, ‘Rhapsody’ where he consistently rapped using his alias has no ills related to it, recent happenings in Ikorodu community appears to be the first time the singer’s name will be linked with terror and apprehension.

Without doubt, a mention of the Badoo name (spelt differently from Olamide’s) in Ikorodu community strikes fear into the hearts of residents owing to the terror attacks by the dreaded cultists gang who have wrecked havoc in the area in the last two years.

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Due to the recent developments, Naija Gal, a concerned reader of InsideMainland also resident in Ikorodu has made a brave call to the singer to drop his popular alias, Baddo. This move the reader claims, will do a lot of good as the dreaded gang has made a mess of the name with their killings.

In a personal message sent exclusively to InsideMainland, the reader said, “who can help beg Olamide to change his Baddo nickname to a better one as men of the underworld have bastardized the name. This is a piece of advice to Olamide to please adopt a new nickname and drop Baddo because people are insinuating he glorified this ‘evil name’ that is now forbidden for anyone to mention (in Ikorodu).”

The reader continued saying “it is now a taboo to mention the name Badoo in Ikorodu town of Lagos State. This is a wake-up call to Governor Akinwunmi Ambode and Fatai Owoseni because people are living in fear and there is insecurity in the area. Many people can’t even stay out till 8:00 pm anymore because no one knows who is next to be attacked.

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“We beg on the government to put an end to these killings and maybe put a curfew on the area for a while if the Police Force can’t do it alone.”

Also contained in the letter is a plea to the Inspector General of Police and other security agencies to come to the rescue of residents in Ikorodu community to save them from the agonies caused by the ritual killers.



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