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I am not going to run for council position again. Never!; Dayo Israel says on failed attempt at Mainland LG Chairmanship

Following his failed attempt at the Lagos Mainland Local Government chairmanship position, young politician, Dayo Israel has declared that he will never run an elective position at the council level ever again.

Dayo Israel made the declaration during InsideMainland engagement programme, #InsideMainlandEngage tweet-chat, stressing that running for council position in another four years is a step down for him.

“No, not at all. I don’t think I will ever run for council position. I can’t ever be in this same stage in four years time. People grow and this is where (chairmanship level) I felt I could contribute now,” he declared.

He however disclosed that he might serve at other positions with optimism saying “maybe then I will be a Minister or Ambassador.”

Dayo continued that “my long term goal is to be the next black UN Secretary General. I love diplomacy and I have worked in that space for too long. Running in the Lagos Mainland LG elections was just to serve and bring ideas that will transform local governance.”

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Commenting on the unified primary elections to elect candidates that would represent the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the July 22, 2017, council elections, Dayo Israel stressed that he didn’t lose in the primaries because the party decided to present consensus candidates for the election. “I didn’t lose in the primaries. The people want Dayo and they still do because they call me every day. In addition, we didn’t have a party primary. Our party presented a consensus candidate which is within our party constitution,” he said.

Though the decision of the party did not favour Dayo, he said he has taken it in good fate. “The party is supreme. I joined the party willfully. While I have no doubt we must work on our internal democracy, the party decided its choice. It doesn’t mean that we weren’t heart-broken. We were disappointed that the people will miss out on the many opportunities we could have brought in to transform the LGA.”

When posed with questions on the amount of money expended during his electioneering campaign, the politician who has acted in capacity as a ‘One day commissioner for information’ in Lagos State in 2003 said the campaign cost him a lost he can’t quantify presently.

“We spent a lot in millions. Not just in cash but in kind. Also, we haven’t done our estimated expenditure but spending. I am a social entrepreneur and community mobilizer so I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary,” he said.

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“I didn’t set out doing what I did because of campaign. I didn’t spend money on election as I only invested in my people. I never spent what I would have spent even if I wasn’t running for office. I have spent 20yrs of my life doing philanthropy. I remember using £2000 of my school fees to pay for conference in 2005,” Dayo added.

Speaking on youth readiness on the Lagos Mainland to take leadership roles and also join governance, Dayo said, “sometimes I think we don’t know what we want as young people. There is disunity of interest among youths as people are not hungry enough for a new order. This is because of the Maslow theory of need that explains how survival overrides ideals.

“Everyone wants a job and a career right now. They want livelihood. There is so much hunger and poverty in the land but I can boldly say that there are a lot of competent youth in Lagos Mainland as a whole and Nigeria who can lead.”

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Dayo however advised youths to “be focused, strategic and not be afraid to fail.” He concluded saying “don’t lose sight of your goal. Try again to finish strong.”



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