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Igbonla kidnap: Students reportedly set to regain freedom from abductors

Reports have it that kidnapped students of the Lagos State Model College, Igbonla, near Epe, abducted by militants few weeks ago are set to be reunited with their families.

According to a report by New Telegraph, the school kids that were kidnapped in their hostel exactly three weeks ago will be released by the militants in the coming days.

Recall that the release of the students have become a topic of discussion for quite sometime following the serious of negotiations between the militants and their parents over the ransom to be paid.

On Friday, the kidnappers were said to have collected N10 million ransom contributed by the parents. Everyone was expecting the students to be released between Friday night and Saturday morning, but nothing of such happened, New Telegraph reports.

The kidnappers reportedly called the parents of the children on Tuesday night, promising to release the kids by next week. They refused to disclose what was special about next week. According to one of the parents, when he tried to plead with them, not to wait till next week, they cut off the line.

A source who spoke to New Telegraph said “one of the gunmen spoke with a parent on phone about 9 p.m. on Tuesday. The kidnapper promised that the students, who had been in their bondage for days now, would soon be reunited with their parents.”

Meanwhile, a parent told New Telegraph the kidnappers claimed that they were afraid of releasing the students because of policemen. They said it was possible policemen were waiting to arrest them once they come out with the kids.

“I was about to sleep when a call came. I picked it and it was one of the kidnappers. He spoke hurriedly. He told me that our children would be released by next week. He said they were afraid of freeing the students, because policemen who have been looking for them will arrest them easily,” the source said.

He also said that those who were sick had regained their health; that we should not panic. I was trying to persuade the caller to release the students on time, but he immediately hung up. My wife, who listened to our conversation, started weeping,” the source added.

The parent added that it was obvious the school authorities did not appreciate their pains. He said: “They don’t care about whatever happens to our children. Our children were kidnapped while in their care.

We haven’t heard anything from them; not even a phone call to commiserate with us. “We are hoping in God for the release of our children, we have all resigned to fate because we have done what they requested from us.”



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