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Increase in crime: Police gives security tips to Mainlanders

Following the spike in crime, armed robbery, thuggery and criminal activities in the state, the Lagos State Police Command has given out some security tips to Lagos residents

The message was shared by the State Police Public Relations Office and it reads;

  1. Ensure to know the Police Post, Police Station and Police Area Command close to your area of residence or business.
  2. Do not expose or display valuables on the dashboard or any conspicuous area of your vehicle.
  3. Do not accept the services of a hawker or mobile artisan whom you are not sure of; he/she may be a burglar, rapist or kidnapper.
  4. Do not leave your children with strangers, especially in public places and religious places of worship.
  5. Always lock your doors and windows before leaving your home.
  6. Avoid carrying huge amount of cash while on transit;  you may be preyed upon by miscreants or robbers.
  7. When at an ATM point, make sure the person(s) behind and around you cannot see your password, be vigilant as you leave the ATM premises and do not throw your reciept or leave it behind carelessly, as criminals could use the details on the reciepts to try and gain access to your account/details.
  8. Provide adequate security for cash in transit, including the use of properly approved police or other security services.
  9. Help the Police to help you and let us join hands to rid our society of crime and criminal elements. It is our collective responsibility.
  10. Report suspicious movement within your vicinity to the Police Station or Police Post near you, never confront criminals as your life is very important.
  11. Call the Police on the following numbers:
    Police Control Room – 07019014808
    Rapid Response Squad – 07019014333
    Lagos State Emergency toll free numbers – 112 and 767

Courtesy: Lagos State Police Public Relations Office.
Phone: 07019014743
Whatsapp: 09094322117



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