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Kidnap of school kids averted in Ikorodu

Reports have it that school children of a private institution located in Ikorodu were saved from abductors who posed as school workers to kidnap kids from unsuspecting parents.

According to the information shared by a mother based in Ikorodu, an unidentified man different from the school driver visited her home in the morning to pick her kids for school. She however told the man to leave because the kids were sick.

The woman narrated that “the driver went to pick other kids but fortunately, they weren’t ready so their mum told the driver to leave and that she will take them to school herself. He went further to another pupil’s house but the girl wasn’t ready. Her mum told him to wait for the girl to quickly finish dressing. Unknown to the parents, the man that presented himself as the driver wasn’t from the school. He went with a space bus similar in colour and design to the one used by the school, mentioned the name of each child that he was supposed to pick and told the parent that the main driver (he mentioned his name) was sick and he was sent from the school to pick the children.”

She continued that “while the fake driver was waiting for the girl that was dressing, the main driver of the school bus drove into the Estate. Immediately, the fake driver sighted the bus, he quickly drove off. When the girl’s mother came out and saw the real driver, she was surprised and interrogated him about the whereabouts of the other driver.”

The concerned parent concluded that “Parents should not be too busy to follow their children to the school bus to check who picks them and to always call to confirm from the school when a new person comes for them. Schools must also call all Parents when a new driver is to pick the Children from their homes and background check should be made before employing School Drivers.”



Idris Aina

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