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Confusion as man commits suicide at Ijaiye-Lagos

Residents of Ijaiye community, Lagos, were thrown into confusion following the shocking discovery of a young man who took his own life in the area in the early hours of today, Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

According to a Nairaland user, Oooops, the incident came as a shock to residents who discovered the young man dangling from a rope.

His post reads: “On my way to work just now, I saw people gathered at a spot. In checking what happened I discovered it was a young boy dangling from a rope on his neck. DEAD he is.

This is rather painful. Lots of people are depressed. Been reading about suicides, but today I saw firsthand the pains in the society. I could not cry, I could only wonder.”

The news has however led to various reactions on social media with Mainlanders calling for urgent look into cases of depression among citizens.

According to Lateef Adekunle, “it is high time we took time to look into cases of depression among people. While growing up, cases of suicides is not common among Nigerians. Reverse is however the case in the 21st century.”

Another Facebook user, Baki Khazeem said, “God have mercy on us in this country. A lot of people are really depressed especially the youths.”

To a Nairaland user, Overall90, “I remember being taught in school about the demography of suicide that it is mainly a thing of the oriental countries like China and Japan and then the Caucasians. Blacks especially Nigerians were way below on the ladder. I never knew it will get to a point that suicide will become very common among Nigerians.”



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