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RRS rescues teenagers wandering at Berger

The operatives of Rapid Response Squad attached to the Lagos State Police Command rescued two teenagers wandering around at the popular Ojodu – Berger end of Lagos on Monday, 15, 2017.

According to the RRS, the teenagers who were reunited with their families last Friday fled the Abuja homes of their parents.

The teenagers, Chidubem Amaechi, 13 and Chinedu Onyebuchi, 13 were rescued by the RRS operatives on Monday morning after alighting from an Abuja bus at Ojodu Berger, Lagos.

The children had lied to the officers during interrogation that they were kidnapped and blindfolded before they were driven to Lagos by their abductors.

Inquisitively, the officers moved the boys to the RRS Headquarters, where an investigation into their kidnapping was launched immediately.

While the investigations were on, officers suspected the children were lying about the kidnapping story.

Their parents, who have been in search of then in Abuja since Sunday, May 14, 2017, were shocked when contacted that their children were in custody of Rapid Response Squad, Lagos.

The RRS stated that it took three days of questioning before, Chidubem Amaechi opened up that he and Chinedu Onyebuchi, connived to leave Abuja because of the economic situation of their families.

According to Amaechi, “we noticed that our parents were suffering in order to take of care us. We decided to come to Lagos and work for sometimes.”

Speaking on the incident, the Commander, Rapid Response Squad, ACP Olatunji Disu, who received the parents of the teenagers appealed to parents and other Lagosians to monitor and take good care of their wards.



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