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Yemisi Fancy’s #MyMainlandDiary: Just Chill

TGIF!! Sometimes, I say TGIF nonchalantly without appreciating what it actually means. But today, I actually thank God it’s Friday.

I must confess the past couple of weeks have been so hectic for me. At some point I fell ill. I had to take time off,  and luckily for me, work break/leave came at a perfect time.  But I thank God for recovery and life.

Looking back, the first quarter of the year is out already. Some years back, I look back trying to grasp the flaws or mistake I have made. But now, I just look at the progress I have made and how to correct the flaws because as humans that we are, we can’t help it. Mistakes are inevitable.

It’s the last Friday in the month of April and it just feels great.

Sometime last week Friday, one of my favorite girls pulled me out of the confine of my house to just chill. She just felt we all need it more than once in a while. And I swear it wasn’t like I went to hang out in the most beautiful arena in the world, but it felt extremely good. Maybe because I really needed to chill, relax, clear my head at least for a couple of hours.

After much contemplating, we drove to a lounge in Surulere ‘The CRIB’ which wasn’t bad. While, I had great bowl of pepper soup and a very cold glass of ‘Orijin’ I was craving all week.  It was just cool catching up with friends and not stuck with work, hustle, stress or the same ol’ routine.

Truth is, most of us need to take time off more than once in a while. You don’t have to go anywhere above your income. Chill in places that works with your income and you will love it. Clear your head, relieve yourself of stress without being told.

Sometimes our lives are so planned more like a roller coaster. Our weekly routine of work is so choking we forget we are human and we need to take just a few hours or days off.

It’s the last Friday of the month. Treat yourself special, hang out with friends, family, spouse, whoever guarantees you a good time.


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Idris Aina
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