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InsideMainland visits Muiz Banire Hybrid Library in Mushin and got a shocker!

Libraries across different parts of the world are a perfect place for individuals to learn beyond the walls of their classrooms and also conduct the needed forms of research to develop personal self.

This over the years has led to the birth of philosophers, economists, doctors, lawyers, among several other achievers that have made meaningful impact to human existence across all walks of life.

In a modern age where school kids and individuals in other climes have access to relevant books to better themselves in their community libraries, reverse is the case for Mushin residents and other inhabitants of the axis.

This is due to InsideMainland’s shocking discovery of the decrepit state of the Dr. Muiz Banire Hybrid Library meant to equip people with relevant books from all fields of life.

InsideMainland exclusively gathered that the hybrid library was built and commissioned in 2012 by late Mushin Local Government Chairman, Mr. Olatunde Adepitan, who named the place after popular politician cum legal luminary, Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN).

“Through our investigation as a government, we have come to realise that if the minds of our people are not developed, the infrastructural facilities provided will be destroyed,” these were the words of late Mr. Olatunde Adepitan during the commissioning of the hybrid library.

During InsideMainland’s visit to the library, our discovery showed that the place is actually far from the reason why the idea of a hybrid library was initially conceived. If left and not urgently attended to, it would be difficult to ‘develop the minds of the people’ as conceived by those behind erecting a hybrid library in Mushin.

The edifice built to have a digital and conventional library where visitors can have access to E-books and other printed materials is actually in a shadow of itself.

The conventional part of the library lacks the much needed books for students to pick and read from while the digital end barely even exists. Also, the ceilings are completely torn, enough to turn off anyone who steps into the place to read or have quiet time.

In addition, the reading units created specifically for people to use while in the library have broken into parts leaving students to scramble for the few ones available for use.

Meanwhile, another hall in the building dedicated for ‘conference and seminars’ is already wearing out with its ceilings damaged and left empty.

Speaking to InsideMainland, a source who preferred anonymity said “the place has been left to wither for a long time. To our shock, top politicians and their emissaries have turned the rooms in the building to motels where they spend time with their concubines.”

“We have raised the issue in the past for the community leaders and other stakeholders to find a solution to the place but nothing has been done. Only school students currently use the place for tutorials during exam periods. Apart from that, nothing educational happens there,” the source added.

You would recall that the Dr. Muiz Banire Hybrid Library was commissioned on Saturday, October 6, 2012, by Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye, who was then the Lagos State Commissioner for Education.



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