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Yemisi Fancy’s #MyMainlandDiary: My worst April fool experience

Happy new month to all my awesome readers!! Hope we all had a great week, because I did. My week was stress free and traffic free; yes traffic free.

It happened that all through the week,  I was always out in the very early hours of the morning and in, at the very late hours of the night. Judging by the daily hectic Lagos traffic, those are the best hours to move around.

So, I discovered a new underground pastry outlet in Surulere which is awesome by the way. I love their fresh bread, pastries e.t.c. This is like giving a free advertisement but, the burger I had, is one of the best I’ve  had yet. I can’t help but talk about it.

So it’s a new month. I really don’t like the sound of April fool. Maybe because I have been fooled so many times by friends. I have had a lot of occasions I fell for the April fool trick but I had some really terrible ones.

One of which I can recall was when I was an undergraduate . Being a law student at the Unversity of Lagos was one hectic study experience; 4 unit courses, lots of case laws to study, lots of books to read.

On this very day,  I was studying for a test for a course I knew I wasn’t a hundred percent ready for. This was probably because we had a lot to do in so little time. I woke up early that morning went straight to the library didn’t have breakfast. I even had to skip some classes to make up for my reading. At 12 noon, heaven knew I was so hungry. I got this call from someone  saying  I was needed urgently at the schools senate, 10th floor if I can recall. (P. S it was a private no) Saying I had gotten into some trouble with my registration. So many thoughts ran through my head I couldn’t read anymore. I got to the senate and I was told the elevator was temporary down. I had to force my hungry self to climb the stairs to the 10th floor. I got there and receptionist was like they didn’t need me. I was a but confused. I left the building still confused. Then I got a call from my friend laughing profusely that  I have just been pranked.

What was so annoying was that  she was in a different school. I wanted to become a super hero at that moment, Spider woman maybe lol to  give her a slap of a life time.

Like that wasn’t enough,  I walked down to my faculty . I was so close to fainting as I knew I needed something to eat. My classmate ran to me and said my GST result was out and I had an F. I’m like an F?In my head I’m like how bad can a day be? I ran to my faculty board to check the result to find out that I had a P. And I heard Happy April fools day I couldn’t even raise my hand on her face like I planned on the previous prank. I was just like thank God I didn’t have to write a borrowed course over. Considering I have never had such a poor result.

The only thing that made my day that very day, was I was told the lecturerer wasn’t coming. I wasn’t sure whether to believe it, considering I fell for two pranks that day. But really and truly the lecturer couldn’t make it. And that day made my list for my worst April fools experience. I’m wiser now. No one is going to succeed pranking me today. Happy new month and make sure you don’t fool anyone this weekend!!




Idris Aina
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