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Mainlanders react to official commissioning of second Ojota pedestrian bridge

The official opening of the second Ojota pedestrian bridge has in the last few weeks become topic of discussion on social media. This is as a result of the urgency in the opening of the bridge for public use not leaving aside the stress associated with using the only existing one at the popular Ojota bus stop.

Earlier today, InsideMainland reported the planned official commissioning of the footbridge for public use by the Governor Akinwunmi Ambode led administration.

Moments afterwards, the information of the bridge opening as shared by InsideMainland drew the attention of Mainlanders who reacted to the move by the Lagos State Governor to officially commissioning the footbridge himself.

Mainlanders opined that as a result of the urgent need to open the bridge, the rendezvous associated with an official commissioning and the cost implication was unnecessary.

According to a Twitter user, Debowale, he queried the need to officially commission the bridge. “So we now have to celebrate commissioning of pedestrian bridge! Mediocrity 100%. I hope it’s not Ambode that is doing the commissioning?” he asked.

Another user with the name Overgraduate went philosophical saying “a time will come when we won’t be spending money and valuable time that could be useful elsewhere to commission projects.” Kylo Ryan said “getting a DJ is a bit too much for me. It’s what’s expected of them to open up a new pedestrian bridge if needed. Don’t reward mediocrity”

David Temitope succinctly puts his thought that “Africa is a country, Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, commissioned a pedestrian bridge, we’re a step higher” while Francis Odukuye said “at this rate, the Nigerian airspace and government would be shut down when we commission our 1st nuclear power station.”

To Habeeb Tunde, “we should stop being petty. Open the damn bridge; it’s a basic necessity for inhabitants of that area. What’s the need for commissioning?”

However, a user identified as Seyi joked that “I’m guessing the opening of the Flyover bridge at Ajah will warrant a public holiday.”

Since the bridge was commissioned for use, Mainlanders have continued to air their thoughts on the move by the government on their various social media handles.



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