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Mystery as Iroko Tree catches fire in Badagry but leaves refuse to burn

Something strange happened in the Bagadry axis of Lagos over the weekend as an Iroko tree reportedly more than 50 years old went up in flames in the area.

During the incident, the tree located at Topo Motor park burnt for almost 24 hours while fire fighters battle to prevent the fire from getting to nearby houses.

As the tree continued to burn, residents watched with trepidation how it happened but blamed the incident on supernatural forces.

While the fire lasted, the Lagos State Fire Service and other rescue agencies battled with the inferno. Shockingly, the fire increased when water mixed with chemicals was used to quench it, InsideMainland learnt.

Confirming the incident, the State Fire Service Director, Rasak Fadipe said the inferno started on Sunday evening.

In his words, “two branches of the tree burned down but the leaves are as fresh as if nothing has happened.”

Corroborating Mr. Fadipe, a source, Felix Godonu, who spoke to InsideMainland said “residents were bewildered after the tree located in an open park burnt for long hours. What was shocking was that the Iroko tree has been there for ages and no one could say how the fire stated.”

“Things even got more surprising when the fire was put out after a long while and the leaves on tree were lush green. People around here are claiming mystic forces was involved in the fire because no one could explain how it all started,” Felix added.



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