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Mainlanders decry the continued delay in opening Second Ojota pedestrian bridge for public use

Weeks after InsideMainland exclusively reported the completion of work on the second Ojota Pedestrian Bridge, Ogudu-Ojota residents, commuters as well as other concerned individuals have expressed their displeasure on the continued delay in opening the bridge for use.

The worry of the residents and commuters was as a result of the continuous long queue witnessed by commuters while using the only available pedestrian bridge at Ojota on their way to eke out a living.

Before now, the contractors during InsideMainland’s exclusive access to the bridge told us that “the major works on the pedestrian bridge have been done already. We are only putting finishing touches like spraying the beams, fixing the inter-locks, the artworks and other final checks that needed to be done before the official opening.”

While posing questions on the delay in opening the bridge for use, an InsideMainland reader, Nancy Law, queried that “Instead of assuming let me ask. Pls why is the new Ojota Pedestrian bridge not open for public use?”

She continued saying “the new Berger pedestrian bridge was not commissioned before it was open to the public. Please why is Ojota different?”

Her comments however led to various reactions from other Mainlanders who probed the Lagos State Government on why the bridge is yet to be opened for public use.

A Twitter user, Abdul Quadri said “must it be commissioned before use? Commissioning can be done later”. Another user, Ikechukwu, tweeted “we love ceremonies in Nigeria. Citizens can’t use the bridge until government flex muscle.”

Reacting to the new Ojota bridge being a necessity, Ammabel Dinma said “Must everything be commissioned? It’s a necessity not a special project for Gods sake!”

To Alozie Nwagboso, “project commissioning is a process and not a ceremony as seen in Nigeria. The ceremony isn’t required before usage.” He added that “that’s how we are psychologically enslaved. If a project is done & tested, it should be open.”

Construction work on the second Ojota pedestrian bridge commenced in 2016 due to the need to provide an alternative footbridge at the bus stop to complement the existing one following the upsurge in its usage. This was after the government installed the New Jersey Wall on the median of the expressway which prevented commuters access to cross the expressway.

As a result, residents besieged the only existing Ojota pedestrian bridge with numbers queuing to use the platform daily.



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