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Contaminated Water: Lagos asks Queens College to delay resumption

Ahead of the scheduled resumption of Queens College students following their extended holidays due to the demise of two students from the School, the Lagos State government has recommended that Queens College, Yaba, delay its resumption till appropriate measures are in place for the safety of its pupils.

According to Commissioner of Health Jide Idris, the recommendation was necessary to ensure that all sources of contaminants in the school be properly handled.

The Commissioner disclosed that the source of the problem was contaminated water. “Available health records from the sick bay showed that the date of onset of illness was January 16,” Idris said.

He continued that “water samples from six sources in the school were collected and analysed at LASUTH’s Drug Quality Control Laboratory. Another day of water samples from 10 sources were collected and analysed at LUTH’s Microbiology Department with the results from the two laboratories showing high bacterial content in the water samples from the kitchen, behind dining hall and Queen’s Delight, the school’s water factory.”

The bacteria range from Coliforms, Escherichia Coli, Salmonella, Klebsiella Ozoana and Aeromonas Hydrophila.

As a result, the Commissioner stated that “we advise that the resumption be delayed till appropriate measures have been put in place for the pupils’ safety.”

He however stressed that it is pertinent to once more enlighten the public on good, water-borne, sanitation and hygiene related diseases.

You would recall that the pupils of Queens College, Yaba, were scheduled to resume on Monday, 20, 2017.



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