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LAGBUS deteriorated due to mismanagement – Primero Head

Ten years since its establishment, the LAGBUS transport system which heralded a new era in commuting in parts of Lagos is now in a shadow of itself.

The buses launched with exquisite but modern facilities were created out of the experience of Lagos state over the years to assist in alleviating the transportation issues in the state. Presently, the buses have now become tattered with Lagosians left to wonder what is left of a project that was welcomed with open arms upon its takeoff.

Often times, apart from the conditions of the buses, commuters are left to bewilder the actions of the LAGBUS drivers as well as the negative attitude from the bus conductors.

Speaking on this, the head of Primero Transport Services, Mr. Fola Tinubu said the lapses in the operations of LAGBUS birthed the idea of another transport service that fits the demands of the modern age.

“Before we decided to introduce Primero Services, we looked thoroughly at the mode of operation of LAGBUS and concluded to work on those areas to provide a world class transport service to Lagosians. We discovered that LAGBUS deteriorated due to mismanagement,” he said.

Mr. Tinubu continued that “we found out three important things – the buses are not clean, the attitude of drivers and bus conductors, and the buses are not fast enough – which affected the brand.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tinubu who revealed that the fare increase by the Primero Management was a matter of necessity said the management would soon roll out plans to ensure a smooth and effective ride for Lagosians.

“We have concluded plans to have free WiFi and live streaming services in our buses and this will roll out soon. Also, we are finalizing plans to erect a multi-level car park with a cinema hall around the Ikorodu depot to provide car park services for people who intend to leave their cars with us to use the BRT buses,” he said.



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