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Find out how you can earn above the minimum wage even in RECESSION!

As part of the plans towards the improvement of waste collection as well as addressing unemployment in Lagos State, the government has announced the career opportunity for Lagos residents through the ‘Cleaner Lagos Initiative’.

Through the initiative, the government, through the Ministry of Environment, offers a huge opportunity for growth and development for youths and the unemployed ones to work as community sanitation workers.

For this initiative, the government plan to employ 27,500 Community Sanitation Workers across parts of the state.

They key benefits the Community Sanitation Workers get should they be employed in the scheme are;

1.  Earn above the minimum wage

2.  Tax free

3.  Pension scheme

4.  Health insurance

5.  Life insurance

6.  Accident & Injury insurance benefits

Interested applicants should visit http://www.cleanerlagos.org/career-opportunities/ to apply for employment in the initiative.

The ‘Cleaner Lagos Initiative’ is part of the ‘Clean and Green’ drive by the Lagos State Government.

Speaking on the initiative, Ambode said “as much progress as we have made in Lagos State in the areas of economic development, security, improved infrastructure and other achievements, many will agree that we are lagging in one area and that is environmental pollution and cleanliness.”

He continued that “although we have made significant gains, much to the credit of previous administrations and the private sector participants. The positive impact that these efforts have had over the years on the Lagos landscape is undeniable. However, we must acknowledge the environmental degradation that plagues the State and the urgent need for a world class comprehensive waste management system that addresses this crucial quality of life issue.”

“The Cleaner Lagos Initiative was established for this purpose. A holistic approach to address the inefficiencies in our current system and identify, develop and implement concepts and solutions that address the challenges we face with unsafe sources of water, food and energy, climate change, air pollution, improper waste management practices, and our debilitating utilities infrastructure,” he added.



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  1. Good initiative by the government. At least thousands of people will become employed through this scheme.

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