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Getting you ready to apply for LSETF loan; Here are the steps to follow (2)

Several months after the launch of LSETF, a myriad of residents still battle with understanding the processes involved in applying for the loan scheme. While some of the reasons could be attributed the difficulties involved in meeting the set guidelines to apply for the loan, another major issue of concern is understanding the eligibility criteria involved to allow easy process of applying for the scheme.

In order to address this issue, the InsideMainland team has concluded plans to daily, publish a detailed breakdown of the eligibility criteria of the LSTEF to properly educate Mainlanders.

By so doing, this will allow residents who desire to apply for the loan(s) to have adequate information about the process and also have firsthand knowledge of the requirements for the scheme.

Listed below is the eligibility criteria for the LSETF scheme.

  1. LASRRA Identification
  2. Personal Identification Document – (International Passport/Driver’s License/Permanent Voter’s Card)
  3. Personal Tax Card (of Promoters)
  4. Company Tax Certificate (for registered companies)
  5. Company Incorporation Certificate (where applicable)
  6. Proof of Training or Education (certificates)
  7. Guarantor Form (MEs are required to submit one form, while SMEs are required to submit 2 forms)
  8. Invoices for Assets to be Purchased (where applicable)

You can find the first part (LASRRA Identification) of the eligibility criteria here in case you missed it. Today, the InsideMainland team will explain the second criteria on the guidelines for the LSETF which is the Personal Identification Document.

The Personal Identification Document as specified by guidelines that covers the operation of the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) includes either of International Passport, Driver’s License, or Permanent Voter’s Card.

The International passport as listed here is a means of identification issued to Nigerian citizens who intend to travel outside of the country. The passport can be applied for either at the physical location of the Nigeria Immigration Services, or by making submission through its website.

For the Driver’s License, it is a means of permit that affords Nigerian citizens the chance to drive vehicles of any form on Nigerian roads and expressways. This form of identification can also be used during the application process for the LSETF scheme.

Lastly, the Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) is another option that can be used by Lagos residents when applying for the scheme. The PVC is issued by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for citizens who are eligible to exercise their franchise.

The PVC can also be used as a form of personal identification with the LSETF since it contains all necessary information of the applicant.



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