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Yemisi Fancy’s #MyMainlandDiary: My bridesmaid experience

Happy Friday to all #MyMainlandDiary readers. Hope we all had a great week? I must confess, my week was a bit tight as I had a lot of work to sort out. The great part is, I’ve sorted out most of the previously pending work and I feel so good about myself. Yaay!!

The week has also been a little rough with all the stories in the news which has been quite saddening. From the news of the accidental bombing to the fight for power in Gambia e.t.c. I always like to tell myself and everyone around me that “All will be well in the world”.

Earlier today, I remembered that I promised sometimes last year to give you my lovely readers the full detail of my bridesmaid experience. The weird thing about me is that the things I literally run from for no reason in particular, I find myself loving them eventually. Remember I told you guys how I usually run away from bridesmaid duties for no particular reason, but I couldn’t run this time because the person in question is a very good friend and we go way back.

So at the bridal shower, I had the privilege to meet the other ladies on the train which was cool because they are all good people. On the day of the engagement, we (the bridal train) were fully dressed in our outfits which was very gorgeous by the way. The bride was looking breathtaking and we had to stay in the room with her as the ceremony was going on to ensure she was fine and relaxed.

In Yoruba culture the groom and his men will go into the venue first while the bride joins them later. After the groomsmen had gone in and performed their rights, the bride and her ladies were called in. We were called to dance with the bride with her veil on and she looked so breathtaking in her traditional attire. After we danced, the host then proceeded with the program.

After the completion of the rites, it was time to dance and merry. As the bridesmaids, we danced with the couple. Yoruba people never forget to spray money during ‘owanbes’. So, there was enough money for us to pick and keep for the couple. After we danced, which was so much fun by the way, we got to eat, relax and also mix with the groomsmen as it was the first time everyone on the train will be in the same place.

The only thing which was sad for me was, on the wedding day, I had an early morning shoot which I couldn’t excuse myself from. I missed the church ceremony but I made it in time for the reception which was beautiful, the bride and groom looked stunning so as all the ladies in the train. As for the decor in the hall, it was breathtaking!

I also made sure I had enough to eat and I danced to my upmost satisfaction. It was an amazing December filled with lots of weddings.

I just love Fridays. Let’s enjoy the weekend. Grab a bowl of popcorn as we watch Donald Trump’s swearing-in.

TGIF (Thank God I’m Fancy).



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