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Tragedy averted as petrol tanker falls on Otedola Bridge

Motorists and commuters alike along the usually busy Otedola Bridge heaved a sigh of relief earlier today following the tragedy that was averted by the officers of emergency management agency, LASEMA.

It was learnt that a loaded petrol tanker fell by its side while on the Otedola Bridge due to brake failure. Luckily, there were no casualties.

During the process, motorists and passersby scampered for safety upon realizing that the tanker was loaded with petrol.

InsideMainland gathered that a call was put through to the LASEMA response unit with its emergency officers visiting the scene to carefully manage the situation before it turned into a disaster.

The situation was well managed by the emergency officers after they towed the affected tanker off the bridge to ease traffic gridlock.

See some photos from the accident scene below.

otedola bridge 2 otedola bridge 1



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