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How CCTV footage exposed robbery incident in Agidingbi; Watch Video

Few days after the Lagos State Government announced plans to install CCTV cameras across the State, it appears there is urgent need to fast track the initiative by the government as an ugly incident was just discovered due to the technology.

In a footage obtained by InsideMainland, a woman was robbed of the sum of Five Hundred Thousand Naira (N500,000:00) in a filling station located at Agindingbi, Ikeja, few metres away from the seat of power in the State.

The 1 minute 53 seconds long video showed a Lexus SUV pulling over beside the victim’s car which was parked in the filling station.

Few seconds later, the Lexus SUV zoomed off the scene after its occupants had gained access to the victim’s car and robbed her of her money.

Prior the incident, the victim had pulled over in the filling station to seek cover after she suspected she was being trailed by the bandits. The footage also showed another vehicle already parked at the spot where the victim parked her car.

The robbery incident only became public knowledge after the victim raised an alarm and the CCTV recordings of a Mr. Biggs fast food that shares the same premises with the filling station was played for her to discover those that perpetrated the act.

According to a viral message that accompanied the footage, “the victim left GTBank Alausa after the withdrawal of 500k to shop in preparation for her siblings wedding coming up soon. She took the money and kept it under her car seat, apparently, someone saw her.”

“When she came out, she saw a car coming behind her, not knowing there were actually two cars following her, but she thought they were just those guys that usually run after girls even while driving, so when she got to FBN, Agidingbi, …… She decided to enter Mobil Filling Station so that her followers could go completely not knowing another one was still at her back”

“She parked and went into Mr. Biggs to allow the people go. She just bought a bottle of water and before she came out, her door had been opened and her money stolen!,” the statement added.

Watch the footage of the incident below.



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