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YemisiFancy’s #MyMainlandDiary: Welcome to 2017 (My take on New Year resolutions)

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We made it!! I’m so excited we made it into the New Year. Today is the first Friday in 2017 can you beat that? I’m quite sure we are still soaked in the spirit of the New Year. Some of us are fully back to work, why some have just arrived town from the short holiday.

The most important thing is we had as much fun and also spent quality time with our friends and family. I attended a lot of weddings during the break, but I still made time for my loved ones. I won’t be saying a lot today as it’s all about welcoming us to the New Year but I will like to draw some point on New Year resolutions.

New Year to most of us means setting new goals, new strategies, new game plan, and new beginnings. It’s a good thing to have those set goals, strategies and plan. But I’d like us to be realistic about them too.
New Year resolutions should be a guide into the New Year and not an avenue to mount pressure on ourselves. As we all know, life is hardly ever in our hands. Sometimes, resolutions end up being more of a frustrating venture than encouraging.

Mostly, I think we don’t get realistic with these plans. We aim for too much in so little time and when they don’t work exactly as planned, we get frustrated and cranky all year. I’m my opinion; a New Year is a new start. There’s no fixed rule to getting through the year, but I think the best way is taking one step at a time.

One day at a time gives more room to concentrate which means less pressure. The best things are done under little or no pressure at all. When there’s pressure, there is a huge possibility of messing things up. And most importantly it’s all about handing every agenda in God’s hands. That’s the ultimate.

So I urge that we put less pressure on ourselves and put our best in all the we do; with divine direction and everything will fall in place. I hope I’m able to get the message across. And I believe we will all have a great year.

Wishing all my readers a beautiful weekend.

TGIF (Thank God I’m Fancy).



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