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Here’s why this lady returned to the very spot in Iyana Ipaja where she was almost killed 11 years ago

For residents and commuters alike who regularly ply the popular Pleasure Bus stop along the Iyana Ipaja axis of Lagos, the spot is another bus stop among the many that abounds in the State.

Same however isn’t the case for Mrs. Atinuke Adeyinka Soetan following the mind shattering incident she survived at the spot 11 years ago.

The woman who almost lost her life in an auto crash celebrated 11 years of cheating death yesterday,  January 3, 2016.

Read the emotional post her husband Daniel Soetan shared on his Facebook timeline to commemorate the day below.


Location: Pleasure Bus stop after Iyana Ipaja and date was 2005. Looking at a possible future together, we came to Lagos to see my parent.

All the way to Lagos God kept us but when we got to this location devil’s plan to snatch this beautiful damsel away came face to face with the merciful power of God.

It was a busy road divided with a culvert. We had crossed one of the lanes, about to cross the second, the road is a little calm “go right ahead let me carry our luggage” I had told her, what happened next left her bedridden for months. She  tripped, fell into the middle of the road and  a crazy, speeding Lagos driver ran over her.

She sustained serious injuries and multiple fractures even to her pelvic.

Rushed to Lagos State Teaching Hospital later flown to National Hospital, Abuja where she was then referred to Dala Hospital Kano, if not for God the story would have been different today.

11years after she is standing at that same spot where she conquered death and to return all Glory to God who gave her victory.



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