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YemisiFancy’s #MyMainland Diary: How VIO ruined my day

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Season’s greetings to all InsideMainland followers and #MyMainlandDiary readers. I’m sure to some extent we all are getting prepared for the New Year 2017!!!

I know most of us are thinking right now what the day will look like with the poor supply of electricity, high prices on goods, the economic recession at this time and the recent MMM crash. P.s (I’m not an MMMer).

If it’s any consolation, in my opinion, I believe everybody has gotten hit by the recession. Business men, entrepreneurs, and entertainers; you name it. Just look at it from the angle of we all are in it together and we will be fine.

In the middle of this economic ups and downs, I still try to have a little fun. Last weekend, I had this wedding I’ve been looking forward to for months now. I was pretty much excited by this wedding beforehand (maybe because it was a very good friend getting hitched).

On the D day, I was all glammed up and prepared for this wedding. And if I have never mentioned it here, I hate African time. So I’m usually an early bird. For some reasons, that morning my movement got changed. So I had to call up a friend who was also attending the wedding so we could move together. Little did I know my day was going to be longer than I thought.

We got to Festac and the VIO officials on duty stopped the car. In my head, I was sure this wouldn’t go down well. Lo and behold I heard a voice from the driver’s seat saying shit “I haven’t renewed my license”. The first question I asked myself was how did I find myself in this car?

We pulled over and answered series of questions. We were held up for lots of wrongs Lol. One reflector, two expired fire extinguishers and the grand master of them all expired driver’s license. I have never been in this sort of situation before especially on my way out to an event. Long story short, the car was impounded until she gets a new licence which wasn’t anytime soon.

It was just a terrible Saturday morning. Was it the fact that my entire face beat was messed up after hours of glamming it up, or the fact that we had to beg the VIO officials under the hot sun or that I got to the wedding feeling so cranky?

Eventually, Uber saved the day for me. I don’t know if it’s wise or irrational to say but before entering into a friend’s car, find out if their papers are complete. I have learnt to be careful next time tho.

Feel free to share your crazy encounter with the VIO officials on this space.

So let’s all get into a great sweet spirit for the New Year . Forget all the MMM drama and focus on the good around you.

2017 is our year of gold.

TGIF (Thank God I’m Fancy)



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