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YemisiFancy’s #MyMainland Diary: Tola’s surprise bridal shower

my mainland diary

Yay!! Just two days to Christmas and the harmattan is gradually visible across Lagos. I’m getting all the Christmas vibe I need already and I’m pretty much excited. 👩❤️‍👩

Usually it’s like a tradition for me to hang out with my friends all through the festive season. But, this year happens to be a lot different because I have like countless weddings to attend this December. I will be flooding this space with different Mainland wedding experiences because a lot of people I know are getting hitched this festive season.

Top on the list  is my good friend Tola who flew into Nigeria to have her amazing Mainland wedding and I was privileged to be part of her train. She had a nice bridal shower in Canada, but what’s the fun in having a Naija wedding without a Naija bridal shower? We decided to give her a surprise shower. Prepping for the day wasn’t rigorous as I imagined. We shared the duties amongst ourselves with handling decor, chops, and more. In two weeks we came up with a beautiful idea and setting.  Mind you, she didn’t have a clue all this was going on.

On the D-day, the challenge was how to get her out of the house while we do the decor, sneak her friends in and give her that surprise bridal shower experience.  So we fixed her tailors appointment for that afternoon which totally worked.  You know Naija tailors, usually get to fix your cloth right in front you. This favoured us even more as it gave us more time to put the decor together.

Everyone we were expecting was right on time. We gave her an emergency call to come home which she fell for. She immediately rushed home and met the room dark and quiet. She curiously turned on the light as she remembered leaving it on before her appointment and viola the surprise!!!


I must say, she was really surprised and elated. She never expected it.  We had awesome shower games which was so fun and I got to meet the other ladies on the bridal train. I was happy to be part of the surprise.

This season is all about putting smiles on people’s faces, giving, loving, caring and showing some love. Show your loved ones some love this season and I’m sure they will appreciate it.

TGIF (Thank God I’m Fancy)



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