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Here is what 67% of Ketu residents think of their pedestrian bridge

Following the exclusive reports by InsideMainland.com on the shaky state of the Ketu pedestrian bridge, and the difficulties experienced by commuters while using the foot bridge, Mainlanders has advised Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode on what to do.

This development was as a result of a poll conducted by InsideMainland where Mainlanders expressed their thoughts, thereby, suggesting a solution to prevent the looming disaster at the spot.

According to the polls, a whooping 67% of residents voted that the government should as a matter of urgency construct another pedestrian bridge in Ketu.

On the contrary,  19% of respondents suggested that LASG should repair the only pedestrian bridge at Ketu as a result of the spike in users since the bridge was first built.

On the other hand, 14% of respondents opined that LASG should urgently lift crossing ban to allow commuters cross the expressway.

You would recall that few days ago, InsideMainland reported the panic expressed by commuters while using the Ketu pedestrian bridge.

It should however be noted that the government has promised to evaluate the state of the bridge through the Ministry of Works to take further actions. Also, installation of new railings comnuters can use for balance while using the pedestrian bridge is curently ongoing on site.



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