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Here’s how Lagos State plans to create 46,000 jobs through waste management

The Lagos state government has said it hopes to generate up to 46,000 new jobs in the waste management sector as it unveils a new initiative targeted at reforming and generating revenue from waste management in the state.

The Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Steve Ayorinde, and Commissioner for the Environment, Babatunde Adejare, made this known in a recent jointly addressed press conference that covered issues ranging from the reasons for cancellation of the monthly sanitation exercise in the state to ways to protect the environment, human health, and social living standards.

Business Day reported that the government will provide these jobs through its new initiative known as ‘Cleaner Lagos Initiative’, which is aimed at ‘reforming the state’s waste management sector by addressing the existing challenges and transforming its environment and economy.’

The Lagos state government added that it plans to upgrade the Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) by transforming the existing Transfer Loading Station (TLS), introducing about 25 Material Revolving Facility (MRF) where wastes will be sorted, acquiring about 600 new compactor vehicles, and also closing waste dumpsites and replacing them with engineered sanitary landfill sites.

The new initiative will also be coming with economic empowerment as it will be employing about 25,000 community sanitation workers who will be engaged mostly as street sweepers.

The commissioner said that “they will be well kitted with decent uniforms, gloves, boots, pickers, brushes, carts as well as mobile phones with which to communicate with the control center. And they will be well paid.”

He added that “every sanitation worker will reside in the Ward they operate for convenience and to curb high cost of transport to work. They will be well trained and given an attractive welfare package. In all, we hope to generate a total of 46,000 new jobs”.



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