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Yemisi Fancy’s My Mainland Diary: Welcome To December

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Happy new month to all my awesome readers and the numerous InsideMainland followers. I woke up on the right side of the bed today feeling very thankful.

I won’t be saying a lot today in my diary. It’s all about being cheerful, thankful, appreciating someone that you should have been appreciated in the course of the year; appreciating your staff, if you are self-employed, commending yourself for all the hard work, dedication and strength you have applied to your work and developing yourself despite the economic recession and instability.

So I learnt during the course of the week of how most of us work all year and forget we are human and we need pampering. We procrastinate or postpone giving ourselves a treat. Tell yourself you are worth every penny that you work for. In the end, life can be fickle. So we should live everyday like it’s our last.

It’s December and what most of us are thinking is “why should I get myself this bag, it’s too expensive”, or rather “it’s affordable but I have a bag I’m managing”. Really? It’s that time of the year you forget everything else. Treat yourself to that nice meal you’ve been craving all year. Hang out with friends at that spot you’ve been eyeing all year. Pamper loved ones with that thing they have been craving.

December is a season of love, giving, caring and sharing. I want all my readers to adopt the style of caring and giving this season. Sincerely I don’t have a plan yet, maybe because I have loads of weddings lined up in December, but I know I will definitely figure something out with awesome friends and family. I will also be sharing how I spent my December break with my awesome readers in the New Year.

December is also a time for sober reflections. Look back at the year so far. What have you done right or wrong, any regrets? How can u make things better?  While we give, share and unwind, let’s not forget to appreciate God for keeping us all. In end, he’s the reason for the season.

TGIF (Thank God I’m Fancy).



Idris Aina

Idris is a media and communications professional with keen attention to details. An entertainment enthusiast, he is an ardent fan of the team from the Red Side of Manchester with love for football banters. He tweets with the handle @arlomah.