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DANGER! Ketu Pedestrian Bridge Shakes As More Commuters Besiege The Platform

As the Lagos State Government, LASG, takes the enforcement of the law preventing commuters from crossing the expressway with full force, the Ketu pedestrian bridge is currently witnessing a surge of pedestrians who use the platform to access parts of Ketu to avoid arrest.

What is, however, scary is the present state of the pedestrian bridge.

In August 2016, InsideMainland exclusively reported the broken state of the pedestrian bridge and that it is gradually giving way. This is because the railings used in holding the advertising boards and directional signs meant for motorists and other road users is completely rusted, damaged, and can fall off anytime soon if it faces any form of pressure.

As a result of the current spike in the number of pedestrians who use the bridge daily, the Ketu pedestrian bridge currently shakes and drives fear into the minds of pedestrians who use the platform due to the regular vibrations.

Also, parts of the railings pedestrians could use for cushion when tired is rust and might lose its grip at any time.

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How are Lagosians reacting to this?

Speaking to a pedestrian who simply identified herself as Remilekun, she told InsideMainland that the government should make plans to prevent a looming disaster in the area.

In her words “I’m quite surprised that the government announced plans to enforce the ban on crossing the expressway but did not make available the proper amenities that would prevent people from risking their lives to cross the expressway.”

Ketu pedestrian bridge
Lagos commuters struggling through the overcrowded Ketu pedestrian bridge.

“Using the pedestrian bridge to avoid arrest from KAI is a cause for worry, while the fear that it might collapse due to pressure is another. What is even more shocking is the sight of defecation on parts of the bridge,” she added.

It is pertinent to note that last Saturday, November 18, 2016, the Ketu pedestrian bridge witnessed a mammoth crowd who used the bridge to access parts of Ketu.

This situation also repeated itself earlier today as pedestrians rushed to use the platform due to the rush hour.

Owing to the state of the bridge and the pressure from the continuous use by pedestrians, InsideMainland is calling on LASG and other agencies to please take urgent action so as to prevent a catastrophe from taking place.




Photo Credit: Ajinde Oluwaseunarafunmi



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