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Inside Kiokio Community; Where Broken Bones Are Mended And Women Find Fruit of The Womb

The Kiokio village is where broken bones and spirit find succour – literary. It is a place where people with broken bones find healing and women desiring their own children find answers.

Located along the road to Ikorodu, Kiokio community in the Asolo-Ajegunle axis of Lagos Metropolis, appears to be a sleepy fishing community, as the area is surrounded by water. But the at heart of this village is center for the broken hearted. Their patients unbelievably come from far and near across the country.

Despite being the mecca for many across the country, the community is at the receiving end of the yearly floodingowing to its location along the Ogun River corridor.


Interestingly, away from the troubles faced due to torrential rainfall and flooding in the community, the tiny slum boasts of a healing home where lives and marriages of a myriad of Lagosians and its environs have been saved.

Named after the founder of the healing home, Late Chief Fiafade Kiokio, the J.B Fiafade Trado Medicinal Healing Home was established decades ago in 1953, InsideMainland learnt. “My dad was a fisherman who traveled across the waterfronts before settling in the area before Nigeria’s independence. As an Ijaw man, his trade was fishing although he had proper knowledge of the usage of leaves and herbs as a little boy,” said Mr. Gabriel J. Fiafade, the son of Late Fiafade who currently runs the Trado Medicinal healing home.

Speaking further, Mr. Gabriel who is popularly known as Olotu in Kiokio community disclosed to InsideMainland that “few years after settling in the area, his impact was felt due to his contributions to the development of the area. Not long afterwards,  he was made Baale of Kiokio community and he held the post before passing on in May 2005.”

Commenting on the healing home popular for bone setting and helping women who are in search of the fruit of the womb, Fiafade Jnr played down their supposed superhuman abilities; “we do not have the infinite power to heal neither do we give babies. We only do our best to make herbs, leaves, and shrimps for patients to take.”

Though a local treatment home, Kiokio is a place where women are respected. Fiafade Jr. revealed that “though it looks like an informal setting, we ensure that women treat the female folks while men do same too to allow for a more robust understand between the patient and whoever will treat them. That alone helps the psychological effect it has on the patients.”

Corroborating Fiafade Jnr, his younger sister who handles the women ward at the Trado Medicinal home disclosed that “the first thing we ask our patients who are in search of fruit of the womb is their belief. We belief we are not the one who give babies but the Almighty who created us. That is why we continue to work with natural herbs and leaves which the Almighty blessed us with to help fertility in women.”

Speaking to a patient who preferred anonymity, he told InsideMainland that “I had a bone injury in my apartment in Port Harcourt and I was rushed to the hospital for treatment. I could barely love my left leg after the injury and I have been to different orthopaedic hospitals in Port Harcourt and Lagos before I was advised to come here. My last three weeks here have been another story because I can now use my legs though not perfect.”

When asked about the form of treatment, he said “the people here make use of herbs and leaves alongside traditional ointments to give adequate care. They have been a source of joy to me so far.”

InsideMainland also gathered from members of the community that the healing home is a blessing in disguise for them as it has helped put the community in the consciousness of Lagosians, and other visitors across the country, who have visited and received natural healing for the emotional and physical injuries.



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