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Yemisi Fancy’s #MyMainlandDiary: Being A Bridesmaid

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About a week ago, I wrote on how the year is happening so fast, more like it almost didn’t exist. I felt exactly that way this week. I really can’t believe its Friday already. Some of us might disagree. I blame mine on a pretty lazy week.

So I have always had this thing about bride maids. I seriously always avoid being a bride’s maid for reasons I can’t even explain. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate it, I’m just very indifferent about it.

For a while I have avoided it but I didn’t succeed this time. My long time friend will be getting married pretty soon. So she approached me some months back with the bridesmaid offer which as usual, I intended to turn it down for no tangible reason. But you know that kind of  offer that really isn’t an offer. Its more like an order. Lol. There is no way out of this one this time I said to myself.

I decided to brace myself up for my first ever bridesmaid experience. It’s been fun so far with all the planning going on. The wedding is still in a month time. More like a December Mainland wedding. I just love the excitement in the air. I can’ t believe I’m saying this but I think I’m loving every bit of the prep. The dresses/ fabric are beautiful. When the wedding finally happens I will be here to share my bridesmaid experience on the D day in detail. Like they always say, you can never know unless you try.

So, the festive season is almost here and  I must confess, I haven’t been bitten by the festive bug yet. The excitement isn’t in the air yet.

We can blame it on the recession or not, but we will all get into it eventually. I hope we all have a fun filled and joyful festive season. We are free to share our bridesmaid and grooms men experience. Be free to drop your comment.

Remember, do not drink and drive, fasten your seat belt at all times. Have a beautiful weekend!!!.

TGIF (Thank God I’m Fancy).



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