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Ibeshe Exodus: Find Out Why Residents Are Leaving This Ikorodu Community

Located close to the Lagos lagoon, Ibeshe community in Ikorodu is one area popular for its serenity and peaceful nature. However, reverse is now the case as the continuous existence of the community is threatened by the reckless activities of notorious rapist and robbery group simply known as Badoo.

In the last few weeks residents of Ibeshe have been leaving the community in droves as the dreadful acts perpetrated by the ‘Badoo’ boys have left residents, especially the women, completely traumatised with no alternative than to relocate to safer communities. Those who are left in the community currently live in fear.

InsideMainland investigations revealed that the dreaded Badoo group operate in Ibeshe and other neighboring communities such as Olu Odo, Owode, Igbo Agbowa. The group usually attack homes where the male member is absent, looting properties and raping their female victims. They usually attack their victims mostly elderly women at night. They brutally rape them and then clean their semen with a handkerchief before leaving the scene, the community told InsideMainland. Some victims have lost their lives during the attack while others survived  death by the whiskers and are left to deal with the trauma.

Few weeks ago, a member of the notorious group was mobbed and burnt to death in Ibeshe after he was caught attempting to rape a member of the community. The decision to lynch him was unanimous by residents who have been driven by fears and anger.


InsideMainland learnt from the community that they believe strongly that prominent royal fathers in Ikorodu and its environs are the godfathers of the Badoo boys. This unconfirmed revelation is the reason, many residents  believe, is  behind the boldness of the boys who now attack freely as if they are above the law.

InsideMainland gathered that the group again strucked in the early hours of Wednesday, 9th November, 2016 at Igbo Agbowa Community, few meters from Olu Odo in Ikorodu. It was learnt that Badoo boys stormed the area on motorcycles and attacked a middle aged woman simply identified as Alhaja. When our correspondent visited the area, youths in the community stationed themselves at different corners in search of the perpetrators with a motive of unleashing jungle justice.

A terrified resident who preferred anonymity, said “Badoo now attack the old and the young ones. No one is safe in the community because we don’t know who is next.” Another resident opined that the boys are above the law as the ones who were formerly arrested were subsequently released.


Nowadays, the group rape the women and pounce on the men before they cry for help or run for safety. However, the officers of the Rapid Response Squad  (RRS) of the Lagos State Police Command are presently stationed in Ibeshe community to ensure normalcy return to the area.



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