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Inside Ikorodu Mini Water Works: The Story Of A Shocking Decay

Commissioned officially in July 1983 by the former Governor of Lagos State, Alhaji Lateef Jakande, the Ikorodu Mini Water Works of the Lagos State Water Corporation was launched as a project to benefit residents of the community. The project was launched amidst fanfare and lots of commendation by members of the community.

33 years after the Mini Water Works was commissioned and opened for public use, the facility is now in a shadow of its self. The facility once celebrated by residents is now in a rotten state with some of the equipments completely damaged.


Water production is presently grounded in the Mini Water Works as the facilities used in production have completely broken-down. This development prompted residents connected to the water works to resort to drilling boreholes in their houses while those who could not afford that continue to battle to get drinkable water from the little made available by the Mini Water Works.

InsideMainland gathered from a worker at the Mini Water Works, Mr. Akinlade that the management of the place through the plant manager had contacted the area office to make complaints to the government on the state of the Water works. According to him, the complaints are yet to yield any result. “We have reached out to the government on different occasions but what we hear from them is that they will come and put the place back in shape yet nothing is done to that effect.”


“Three years ago, the Federal and State Government officials visited this place and promised a total rehabilitation. The equipments were checked with the officers taking note of what is required to be done. But the Federal government officials stopped coming and some months after, the State officers did same too.”

On the state of the facilities at the Ikorodu Mini Water Works, our investigations revealed that out of the 11 boreholes and water pumping machines commissioned during the opening of the water works, only three are presently functioning. It is also shocking that from the three working, only one is functioning properly to distribute water for the whole of Ikorodu community.

According to Mr. Akinlade, “residents had visited the mini water to complain severally but we can’t do anything when the facilities to use are not functioning at optimum capacity. Most times, we beg them to head to the area office and make formal complaints to ensure the officers there are aware of the issues we face back here.”


Speaking further, the source disclosed that power supply to the water works has been erratic owing to the debts incurred by the management. “The Mini Water works once had issues of settling debts incurred with the Power Holding Company which affected water production in the community for several months. Power supply was cut off and we could not produce anything since there was no light. After the payment was settled, the electricity in the area was another problem. At some point, we were getting low current which can’t even produce water in any form.”

Commenting on the development, a resident, Sanni Akinlade, said “it’s been a long time since water was supplied to our area. Each time we complain, the officers involved will promise a change but nothing has changed. I lost hope in the water works when I noticed dirty water rushing from the public tap.”


When InsideMainland visited the area headquarters located few meters away from the popular Haruna Bus Stop, the officers told our correspondent that they have no comments on the matter. When pressed further, the official disclosed that the management are aware of the issues at the mini water works and will find a lasting solution to the issues raised.



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