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Ikeja Under Bridge: Lagos Headquarters Of Crude Body Enhancement

For the average Lagos resident, ‘Ikeja Under Bridge’ is the hub for the sales and repairs of computer accessories, mobile phones and  gadgets, electronics and other electronic home appliances. The area is also home to various commercial establishments, which have constituted an ecosystem for other businessmen, artisans, traders, suppliers and other support services.

However, an investigation by InsideMainland revealed that there is also more sinister side to the Ikeja Under Bridge popularity. The place has become the hot bed for crude cosmetic body enhancements, operated by completely untrained youths, who InsideMainland discovered are also elicit drug users. The investigations showed the shocking forms of crude body enhancements carried out by untrained personnel at the place.

Tattoo Drawing machine with pins

The most popular amongst these offerings is the lip colouration – Pink Lips as they popularly tagged it. Other services include – strange as it may sound – manhood enlargement, tattoo drawings, stretch-marks removal, and butt enlargement.

The pink lips procedure is achieved by using a machine – which InsideMainland cannot verify if sterilised – to carefully peel out the outer layer of the lips and then apply an ointment that would change the colour to pink. It cost N4,000 (Four Thousand Naira) to get this procedure done – in less than 30 minutes. InsideMainland gathered from those who have used the machine in the past, that they could not leave home for at least three days after the surgery due to intense swelling of the lips. Imagine what Lagosians go through to get that sexy looking pink lips!

For those who cannot stand the pain, there is a special ointment; a mixture of different unverified ingredients, the customer can use on the lips over the time to achieve the pink colouration. A bottle is sold for N800 (Eight Hundred Naira) only. Interestingly, there is a ‘fake’ one that is sold for less that amount – often sold for as low as N200 (Two Hundred Naira) for a bottle.  These ointments are hawked openly by youths whispering “pink lips” to passersby.

Pink lips mixture

On the other hand, penis enlargement is conducted by random untrained personnel using a surgical machine. For the procedure, the manhood of the subject is stretched with the machine for minutes depending on the desired size. The subject who intends to have the surgery is taken into a backroom usually inside a saloon or boutique to discuss the price. Upon agreement, the subject is then taken to a certain ‘dark room’ where the surgical operation takes place and is done within minutes. A source revealed that the amount of time required for the surgery is same as the time used in brushing your teeth in the mornings.

The penis enlargement procedure costs between N20,000 to N30,000; the subject can also choose the option of a mixed cream, pills or powder mixture as desired. The pills are sold for N6,000 while the powder mixture is sold for N2,500. This is needed to maintain the size and reduce pains from the procedure.

Furthermore, tattoo drawings at Ikeja Under Bridge has grown rapidly over the years. Lately the tattoo artists line up at different parts under the bridge to market their art(s). The drawings are usually done by untrained hands who share the same space with a salon or boutique. Before the client is taken to the ‘spot’ where the drawing takes place, the cost for the process is usually negotiated with a fee agreed. Tattoo drawings are charged depending on the art or design involved but it is usually between N4,000 to N7,000 as the first asking price.

Pink Lips cream street hawkers at Ikeja Under Bridge

InsideMainland also discovered that stretch mark removal creams are sold by street hawkers at the Ikeja Under Bridge to people who don’t even have an idea of what the mixture contains.  However, a visit to stores close to the Ikeja Under Bridge revealed that there are actually stores who sell readily made creams for the process. Think of your fav celebrity and imagine them buying their cream just under the bridge!

With an increasing rate of deaths caused by cosmetic surgeries even in saner climes, it is apparent to imagine the number of affected souls by the crude surgical operations going on at Ikeja Under Bridge. InsideMainland urge the relevant agencies to find a lasting solution towards curbing this menace that has eaten deep into the fabrics of the society.



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