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Recession: Staple Foods Jump In Price For The Second Time In Two Months At Mile 12 Market

For the second months in a row, the cost of food items has gone up north in the popular Mile 12 Market, Lagos, owing to the economic recession in the country. This development has led to lamentations among traders in the market on the turnout of sales.

 The cost of basket of tomatoes in the market now goes for N16, 000, N19, 000, N21, 000 and respectively depending on negotiating power of the buyer. However, the basket that goes for N16,000 is now sold for N18,500 while the bigger ones now cost N25,000. The smaller baskets however goes for between N5,000 and N7,000 depending on the buyer’s negotiating prowess.

InsideMainland also noticed the evident change in price of tubers of yam even though we are in the period where its being harvested in large quantity. Presently, a big tuber of yam sells for N500 in the Mile 12 market while the medium sized ones are sold for N300 and N250. For the lovers of potatoes, the paint size now sells for N1000 and N800 depending on the sizes while a handful of potatoes numbering about 6 or 8 in a portion goes for N300 and N400.

Furthermore, the price of  ‘De Rica’ of rice which sold for N250 in the month of September 2016, now goes for N300 and N350 depending on the brand. The paint size bucket now sells for N1400 and N1500 also dependent on the brand of rice the buyer wants. Similarly, a ‘De Rica’ of beans now sells for N280 and N320 with the paint size selling for N1,400.

The change in price also affects the cost of onions in the Mile 12 market. Last month, four small sized onions sold for N200 but buyers will get the smaller ones for that amount during our visit to the market. A portion of bigger onions numbering 6, 8, or more now sells for N400 and a big basket goes for the sum of N2,500.

Speaking on the evident change in the cost of food items, a trader, Boyejo Olukayode, told InsideMainland that “the economic situation of the country has a direct impact on everyone including the cost of moving goods from one place to another. This has also affected the turnout of customers we get on a regular basis because people seldom come to the market as before.”

However, there are some staple food items that didn’t change in price from our last visit to the Mile 12 Market. The 1kg size of Semovita still sells for N270 while Semolina is sold for N300. Poundo yam of same size sells N300 and N350 depending on the negotiating power of the buyer or the part of the market where you buy from.



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