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Yemisi Fancy’s MY MAINLAND DIARY: Being an Independence Day Baby

my mainland diaryToday some twenty plus years ago, I was born into my beautiful family. Although I had several older siblings, I’m sure I was still just as precious and special to my parents especially for the fact that I was born on such a significant day- Nigeria’s Independence Day!

Over the years, this has been more of a blessing to me as my dad being avery patriotic Nigerian that he is will always celebrate Nigeria therefore, he never forgot my birthday even when he forgets all of my siblings’ birthdays. I wouldn’t say being an Independence Day Baby makes me feel extra special because to be honest, Nigeria gets all the attention today leaving me with the scrums.

Anyway, I’m not entirely offended, I love Nigeria very much too. So for that reason, I celebrate Nigeria. God bless Nigeria. I don’t have much to say today, I’m just grateful for life- a good life. So as you celebrate Nigeria, celebrate with me too. Drop your prayers and wishes.

I’m accepting gifts too, LOL. Take out time to pray for our dear country today, God bless Nigeria, Happy Independence Day. TGIF – Thank God I’m Fancy.




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