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Help! Agiliti – Mile 12 Is Completely Under Water

The residents of Agiliti Phase II in the Mile 12 axis of Lagos have appealed to the government to come to their aid owing to the complete flooding of the area. The recent case of flooding happened over the weekend in the area and a recent visit to the community shows the difficulty faced by residents owing to the magnitude of water.

Residents and road users have resorted to plying the Olaosebikan Street in Agiliti Phase II with their trousers rolled up to knee-length. The women on the other hand have their wrappers in their hands while they battle to cross the completely flooded road. What is also surprising is that some residents have adopted to wear shorts from their various homes and stop by at a spot close by Foursquare Church on Olaosebikan Street to change into new attires before going by their daily activities.


Speaking to InsideMainland, an official of the Ola-Oluwa Agiliti CDA Group, Mr. Olusegun Odupitan disclosed that “the last time we witnessed flooding in this area was in 2014. The area usually becomes flooded every three to four years because the water comes from the canal anytime the government releases water from the dam. The canal gets blocked and the water spills into different parts of the area.”

When asked of the effect of the flood on lives and properties, Odupitan said, “the flood this year is not much compared to the one we experienced in 2011. That year, we had some house owners leave their houses to find shelter elsewhere because of the enormity of water. That water did a whole lot of damage and it was at that time that the CDA group insisted all house owners construct a proper drainage linked to the canal to help passage of water.”

Another resident, Victor Etim who had lived in the area for the past 12 years told InsideMainland that “we have done a lot as a community to prevent the flooding and also create pathways for water to pass through. We didn’t expect the flooding to happen this soon because we usually construct a plank people can use to cross the flooded parts in the area.”

While giving the years when the area witnessed flooding in the past as 2006, 2011, and 2014, Etim said, “the only time government officials came around to inspect the areas was during the construction of the road from Mile 12 market down to the end of Aina road. The CCECC construction company measured the road but we didn’t get to see them work on the area since.”


To Mrs. Deborah Ugwu, “we beg the government to help us. This area is just 20 minutes away from Magodo and Berger and it was where residents used to flee from the community when a fight broke out between Hausa and Yoruba’s at Mile 12 market. The place can serve as an alternative route to link the other parts of Lagos if the government can do something about it.”





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