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Here Is How Odi Olowo/Ojuwoye Tax Collectors Deceive Road Users To Collect Revenue

Residents and road users of Town Planning way in Odi-Olowo/Ojuwoye‎ LCDA have expressed their displeasure on the illegal activities of tax collectors attached to the revenue department of the LCDA. The operations of the tax officers of the LCDA who have come up with all kinds of trick to exploit unsuspecting victims are evident on Town Planning way, Ilupeju, at different hours of the day.

The tax officers who usually operate around the Shopping Mall and the Town Planning way that links the LCDA flag down unsuspecting victims and often times illegally charge them for either parking by the road side or for other offences they deem fit.

On account of the actions of the tax officers, quite a number of victims have been exploited and harassed by the so called LCDA tax officers.  The residents who have suffered from the illegal acts of the tax collectors have however questioned why they act in reckless manner.

Speaking to InsideMainland, a road user Mr. Okunade ‎Gboye, disclosed that “I paid N12, 000 for parking to receive an important call. I actually pulled over by the side of the road for the safety of other road users. While on phone, the tax collectors deceived me to follow them to their office in the LCDA. Before I know what was happening, they charged me N12, 000 for parking and obstruction of the road. This was actually done with force.”

Odi olowo receipt

Another aggrieved passerby who pleaded anonymity narrated his ordeal to InsideMainland. He explained that “the representatives of Odi-Olowo/Ojuwoye‎ LCDA acts like touts because they move round the axis in tricycle (Keke Napep) to hunt for private cars or road users while disguising as traffic police officers.”

In the same vein, an Okada rider narrated tales of how he was accosted by the council officers and made to part with his hard earned money without giving him a receipt nor informed of the offence he committed “They stopped me like they wanted to board a bike to my surprise, two officers rushed at me and one of them took my Okada key while throwing me off balance. I begged them to know what I did but was told to pay N2, 500 if I want to see my Okada again. I had no choice than to borrow from my colleague who saw what happened to pay them.”

Our correspondent visited the Information officer of the LCDA for comments on these allegations but met his absence. He was however directed to the Council Treasurer who declined comments and in turn directed our correspondent to the Sole Administrators office. Upon hearing of the allegations from our correspondent, the council officers requested that a letter should be written in that effect stating the need to elicit comments from the sole administrator.



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