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Atlast! LASG Proposes New Masterplan For Ikorodu

Residents of Ikorodu and its environs have a reason to smile following the recent proposal of the Lagos State Government to create a new Masterplan for the community. The idea is part of the plan to achieve a contemporary eco-city in Lagos State and to upgrade Ikorodu community and its environs.

The project will involve a company, City Scape Planning Services, who will serve as the project consultants alongside the Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development, the Lands Bureau, state agencies such as LAMATA, and Lagos State Water Ways.

The master plan which is scheduled to cover a period of 20 years from 2016 to 2036 envisions a total development plan, which will utilize the sub-region’s undeveloped green fields, waterways and lagoon front potentials to make it a viable investment destination in Lagos State.

According to the CEO of City Scape Planning Services, Mr. Niyi Odetoye, “underpinnings of the project is to ensure that it aligns with global and regional development agenda through a bottom – up approach that will ensure the issue of poverty is dealt with.”

Odetoye equally added that the master plan “proposes a project that will be situated within the local regional development framework and that would be driven by technology to ensure proper coverage of all the relevant sectors as well as incorporate the local interests of the stakeholders with environmental sustainability placed high on the ladder of priorities.”



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