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RRS nabs King of pick pockets in Oshodi

The king of pick pockets in Oshodi popularly known as Babangida of Oshodi was nabbed on Friday August 26, 2016 by the men of the RRS during an early morning raid. The security operatives raided Oshodi under bridge, Mosafejo, Bolade and Oshodi Oke arresting about 21 miscreants who were waiting for the early morning rush to pick-pockets of passersby and passengers.

According to RRS the suspect whose real name is Kasali is very popular and feared by his colleagues for his ruthlessness. Some of his colleagues who were arrested earlier confirmed that he was their leader, and that he is the one who goes around collecting stolen or snatched items from passers-by to sell and share the proceeds to all of them.

Kasali also confessed to have been to prison four times while Ibrahim Yusuf, an 18 year old  pick pocket who was arrested alongside Kasali said he just came out of prison for the eighth time.

Upon completion of preliminary screening, four out of 22 arrested suspects, who could provide satisfactory information about their identity, were released.

The suspects have been transferred to the Lagos State Taskforce on Environment for prosecution.

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