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YemisiFancy’s #MyMainlandDiary: I Love The New Lagos

my mainland diary

Thank God it’s Friday again. My week was basically normal and very stress free. A little highs and lows but it was alright. I had lots of moving around this week in the midst of which took me back to what Lagos was compared to what Lagos is now (The New Lagos).

I remember way back in 2002, we had what I would call a lower level of modernization. No cinemas, less hang out spots, a lot of roads and routes were tagged unsafe. Just passing through the Oshodi expressway, reminded me of how Lagos has transformed. People get so scared for their lives and belongings going through that route- day or nights. But now, not only has it been transformed, it’s also has been beautified. People drive at night without the fear of getting robbed.

Talk of hang out spot, at some point they were so few and none of global standard. Few years ago, one could only go to parks and beaches. Later, cinemas came but were limited. Only on the Island would you find what used to be the only movie house some years back, I mean after National Theatre and Pen Cinema.


One would have to drive all the way to the Island to see a movie but with the new Lagos, cinemas are basically in every area and zone. International brands like KFC, Hardrock Café, Shoprite, Dominos Pizza, Spar, you name it, now find Lagos worthy of a branch and franchise, and it can only get better. There are more places to shop in Lagos for shopaholics like me in the New Lagos.

Dominos Pizza

Life is a lot easier with the new Lagos. It has helped the youths and entrepreneurs to explore their entrepreneurial abilities with the modernization the new Lagos has attained.

There’s more order on Lagos roads and other infrastructures compared to what it used to be with the help of agencies like LASTMA, KAI, LASEMA, LIRS, RRS created by the Lagos state government. We as Lagosians now understand the importance of being a regular tax payer. Berger Bridge 1There are more streets lights, pedestrian bridges to ensure safety of human lives. I learnt a new pedestrian bridge has been commissioned at Berger. I can go on and on about the transformation in Lagos. But in a nutshell, I love the new Lagos. I urge people from all over the world to come visit for the holidays.

Make sure you explore a new spot in Lagos mainland this weekend, I would. Remember you only live once. Drive safe and drink responsibly.

TGIF -Thank God I’m Fancy and thank God it’s Friday!



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