#MyLagosMainlandDiary: The Wildest Petrol Station Ever!

my mainland diaryI had quite a beautiful week, I wasn’t stuck in any unnecessary traffic, the weather all through the week was quite subtle and chilled, exactly what everyone’s skin needs. Also worked on some new music which is coming soon, wait for it.

So I have always wanted to get Dumbbells, but I’ve been in the habit of procrastinating. So this fateful Wednesday, I decided to get one by all means. I went into a fitness store which was unfortunately or unfortunately (that’s definitely left for you my lovely readers to decide) had a fuel station right in front of it, hence, the drama. The fitness store had transparent glass doors which enabled me see everything without a struggle.  So these two grown woman drove into the fuel station, one came in through the exit while the other came in through the entrance intending to buy from the same fuel pump.  In my mind I thought it would be one of those cases when the other person decides to be a better adult and use another pump. But NO!

Their cars where facing each other head to head packed next to the pump island. They both came down and started hurling insult at each other. My phone started ringing I turned away for few seconds to pick my phone and guess what I saw when I turned around? LOL! These two grown women started fighting, literally rolling on the ground and yanking off their wigs.

I had to hang up my phone call to watch this epic fight. It was like watching an old Nollywood movie or better still bringing a cinema right in front of me. I thought these things only happen in movies. Few minutes into the fight the fuel attendant had to save the day by settling the fight. One of the ladies entered into her car and drove off. And I’m like just MAYBE the fuel station wasn’t the place the ladies met for the first time.

Just when I thought I had seen enough drama for the day, this jeep drove into the fuel station, orders for a full tank. Paid half of the money and drove off. The fuel attendant was confused for a bit, stopped a bike and chased after this fellow. And I’m like this is why I love the Lagos Mainland, so much fun and drama to ease off the worries, stress and everything in between.

It’s the weekend again, let’s try have some fun with no drama. Cheers to an awesome weekend.

TGIF!! (Thank God I’m Fancy)






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