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Mainlanders see how much food items are selling at Mile 12 market

Months after the evident increase in the cost of staple foods in different parts of Lagos and the Mainland, relief has come the way of residents as the cost of the materials have rapidly dropped in the market.

Mainlanders can now get staple foods and other essential commodities at cheaper rates at the popular Mile 12 Market, located along Ikorodu Road and few meters away from the busy Ketu Bus stop.

An InsideMainland correspondent visited the usually busy Mile 12 Market and discovered that the cost of a big basket of tomatoes sold for N25,000 during the scarcity of the product is now sold for N16,000 and N14,000 respectively. Small baskets of tomatoes are now sold for N4,500 or N5,000 while the medium sized basket goes for N8,000.

Also, a handful of onions are sold for N200 while the small kitchen basket sells for N350 and N500. A portion of potatoes sells for N200 and N400 while the paint size measure goes for N800.

20160802_151156Another essential food product that has dropped in price is the tuber of yam. Few months ago, a tuber of yam costs between N300 and N500 but a small tuber of yam is now sold at Mile 12 market for N200 while some are sold for N400 or N500 depending on the sizes.

On the reason for the drop in prices of staple foods, a trader identified as Mama Ibeji told InsideMainland that “prices of some commodities dropped because we are in the harvest season and quite a large number of people who farmed earlier in the year are already harvesting their farm produce.”

On the other hand, a cup of rice now costs N170 while the paint size is sold for N950 or N1,000 at different stores at Mile 12 Market. A cup of beans sells N200 while the paint size goes for N1,050 or N1,100.

For lovers of Semo and Poundo Yam, the 1kg size of semo sells for N250 while the same quantity of poundo yam goes for N270.

A buyer who came shopping in the market told InsideMainland that “this is the best time to shop for foodstuffs and some other groceries for the house since its prices had dropped in the market.”



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