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Beware! Expired imported products in circulation

With the current economic situation and the dwindling naira against the dollars resulting in the rising cost of imports, there is strong indication that most foreign products in circulation are not fit for consumption. This is due to reported modification of both the date of manufacture and expiry date of most of these imported products in order to extend their shelf lives to sell to unsuspecting customers.

This cuts across most food products and cosmetics but imported cereals are the chief suspects. Buyers at this point must be very vigilant as is the big supermarkets that stock these foreign products such as cereals, chocolates, fizzy drinks, cosmetics etc. In this light, customers must ensure that they check the expiration date to avoid buying expired products.

Just last week, according to Nation newspaper, three different people, living in different parts of Lagos contacted their Consumer Watch to relate their experiences so that readers will be more informed.  They reportedly bought imported cereals from renowned supermarkets and the manufactured and expiry dates on the cereal packets had all been modified to ensure deceptively longer shelf lives.

Nation newspaper stated that a victim Mrs. Franca Oyegun, who has already lodged her complaints with the National Agency for Food, Drug, Administration and Control (NAFDAC) had bought a 750g of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies from a popular supermarket at Akowonjo, Alimosho Local Government Council only to realise that the expiry date was altered.

In a similar incident, two other customers; one bought Fruit & Fiber cereal from a popular supermarket located off Toyin Street only to find out that the expiration date was altered to extend the shelf life, the other victim also bought an altered product in a shop at Ikeja.

InsideMainland therefore is calling on every buyer of foreign food products especially parents who prefer to buy  foreign cereals and fizzy drinks for their kids to be very careful and ensure that they are buying goods that the expiry date hasn’t been altered or better still buy made in Nigeria products.



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