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The death Trap at Sabo Yaba Road

By Idris Aina

Residents and other road users at Sabo Yaba, Lagos, have expressed their disappointment on the terrible state of the road at the Sabo Yaba bus stop linking Herbert Macaulay.

A visit to the scene which is directly opposite the Sabo Yaba Police Station showed that the road, positioned along a sharp bend, is in terrible shape and requires urgent attention to ensure it is fixed to save lives of road users and other commuters.

Sabo rd 2

In a chat with our correspondent, a road user who spoke on condition of anonymity disclosed that the road had been in a sorry state for several months. “The road have been like this for several months and no one is doing anything about it. Some area boys and other Keke drivers took the initiative to patch the pot hole on different occasions but it still hasn’t provided the needed solution for the road. If you take a look at cars passing through the road, it is still very difficult to use even though some parts of the pot hole is not too deep.”

Sabo rd 3

Another road user revealed that the fear of residents in the area is the lives of unsuspecting drivers who ply the road at night. “My fear is for those drivers who are not too familiar with the state of this road. If you enter the sharp bend at night, it might damage your car or even cause a major accident if care is not taken.

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