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YemiFancy’s #MyMainlandDiary: I thought I would miss the street hawkers

my mainland diary

I was in the studio recording a song about two weeks ago when I heard about the incident that happened at Maryland.

I’m sure you must have heard about the ban of street hawkers due to the death of the poor boy that was crushed by a truck while evading officials of Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI). It was a sad situation considering how the poor hawker lost his life. The situation took a devastating turn when aggrieved hawkers and hoodlums took to streets along Ikorodu road and unleashed terror damaging about 48 BRT buses in the process. I feel very bad for the family of the victim and worse for street hawkers that were banned by the governor due to the outcome of event on that day. This, I’m sure is the only source of livelihood for this people. I was also worried that they might take to crime like armed robbery or petty theft, which would put the society in danger.

As much I was worried for these people I also worried for myself. Those street hawkers are life savers! Have you ever been stuck in traffic and you are so famished and all you needed was a bottle of cold drink? And you look around only to find a hawker at your service. You can imagine how heart breaking it was when I heard Governor Ambode banned street hawking not only for hawkers but also the buyers.

I thought I would be deeply affected by it, I thought I would miss the street hawkers but guess what? They are still everywhere, carrying on with business as usual. What does this say about our society? Does this mean that the masses underestimate the power of the law or authority?  I see no difference in when there was no ban and now. I know that many of us including myself would survive without street hawkers so let’s stop being sentimental. Getting the hawkers off the streets is for the greater good of these people and the society as a whole. However, adequate alternative provisions should be made for them as that might be their only source of livelihood.

I have had the most hectic week but thank God for days like these- Fridays. I wish you have an awesome weekend like I hope I would. Cheers to the weekend Thank God I’m Fancy! (TGIF!).





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